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Starry Eyed by Poichanchan Starry Eyed :iconpoichanchan:Poichanchan 342 16
Tomorrow's Not Promised (Oikawa Tooru x Reader)

His eyes were wide with horror and soundless scream escaped his mouth. He desperately called for her, so desperate that if anyone was to see it they could feel his anguish. So desperate, yet it wouldn't give what he craved the most.

She was there with him. She held his hand with that gentle smile that he really loved. Her presence had calmed every nerve in his body. Her eyes were looking at him lovingly. She never cared about his popularity with girls as she always told him that she believed in him. And believe she did. She was truly his everything.
But then she was gone.
It wasn't like she suddenly disappeared, no.
He felt like she slipped by his fingers slowly and no matter what he did, he couldn't grasp her back.
She slowly walked away, but her smile was never gone. He couldn't move his body at all. He wanted to call her back, to grab her and
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 78 2
The Grand Queen| Tooru Oikawa
The Grand Queen | Tooru Oikawa x Slight Tsundere!Reader
‘Tooru, you dumbass’ you marched to the boys’ volleyball gym, huffing.  Your boyfriend, Tooru Oikawa, recently got his injury healed and you were worried that he would push himself hard and injure himself again. Not that you would admit it.
You stood in front of the gym and heard dull sounds of a volleyball being hit. You took a deep breath to calm your nerves before opening the door.  Upon opening the door you were greeted by someone bumping onto you.  You closed your eyes and waited for the impact to the rough ground but it never happened instead you felt hands circling your waist. You opened your eyes you see someone’s chest in front of your face. You lifted you head to see the person you came to the gym in the first place.
“Eh? What are you doing here [First]-chan?”
“Tooru Oikawa. You have some nerve to ask me that when I’m the one supposed to ask that quest
:iconsarcastic-empress:Sarcastic-Empress 90 3
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Oikawa x Reader)
Tooru Oikawa was laying on his back on his couch, staring vacantly at the ceiling. He was thinking of a certain someone again; about the way you moved your fingers to gently soothe your neck after sitting at your desk all day, the way you laughed when you thought no one was looking that charmed him so, and most of all, the way you couldn't be bothered to put up with the showy side of him. Only a few of his closest friends saw through that façade of his, but you had been able to spot it from the start.
He liked it. No. He loved that about you.
True. At first, he had hated that about you. It was too much like himself. He didn't like not being the most observant person in the room.
He generally portrayed himself in a way that made him popular, and he did have a lot of those traits, but he turned to that even when there were times he would have acted much differently if no one was around. He put on airs that he deserved to be the most popular person
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 680 140
stubborn. | oikawa tooru / iwaizumi hajime
It was no doubt that [Surname] [Name] was a stubborn person. Iwaizumi knew it, Oikawa knew it, they both knew it from the moment they introduced themselves to you. You had a mind of a rock and a heart made out of steel. You didn't need help from anyone! You were strong ― you could do this by yourself! You didn't need help or assistance from other people. You didn't need anyone to help you guide your way to success because you knew that you could do it by yourself. You've always wondered why so many people were so dependent on each other ― the way they would cling themselves to others as if their life depended on them. It would always irritate [Name]. There are so many things you could accomplish by yourself, [Name] would say to themselves, do it. Don't falter. Do it. But sometimes, just sometimes, people like [Name] needed help, too. They hated it, but they knew it was true.
"You alright, [Surname]?"
[Name] bit their lip as they looked over at their bruised ankle. It
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 179 13
Oikawa Tooru/Reader - Good Kisser
The entire debacle started - and if someone pushed you enough to admit it, your crush on him, too - when you were four years old.
You really only knew Oikawa Tooru as the daycare’s resident brat. Unlike you, who was a perfectly well-behaved and well-mannered child, he went around causing havoc for the daycare’s caretakers to deal with. Whether he was stealing toys from other kids, making a mess out of anything and everything, or blubbering about how he was being ‘bullied’ (that is, after he made fun of another kid), he was nothing but an utter nuisance, and so for the most part, you steered clear of him. You were little, sure, but even your four year old self could realize how troublesome he was and wanted no part of it.
He was content with terrorizing other children, always leaving you be or missing you in the process, until that particular day.
For some reason, he decided to veer away from his normal selection of victims, and instead target you.
:iconfooboo24:fooboo24 945 128
Stages (Oikawa Tooru x Fem!Reader) *contest entry*
A girl glances at her clock nervously. Time was passing by too quickly for her taste. If the clock started to speed up, she might have a heart attack, or worse- sweat into her jersey before the game. Her eyes darted down to look at the arms around her waist. She felt warm, even breath on the crook of her neck. Every time the brunet holding her would shift, his soft brown hair would tickle her slightly. She only had two hours 'till she had to go the gym, so that she could play. If she wasn't the captain, being stuck with her boyfriend wouldn't have been so bad. 
Curse her supportiveness and good sportsmanship!
Getting even more uneasy than before, she starts to wriggle around, trying to escape the tight grasp of the male volleyball captain, much to his displeasure. She felt another warm stream of air, though it was more concentrated as he huffed, not daring to let go. He grunted in response to her squirming, and tightened his arms, almost to the point of discomfort.
:iconermasaal:ERMASAAL 168 13
(Oikawa x Reader) Tease
"Honestly, who has the right to defy me and my looks?! She's outrageous! Iwa-chan, make her nice!" Oikawa whined as he and the rest of the exhausted volleyball team stripped themselves of their sweaty workout clothes. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes in annoyance. After all, Oikawa had been complaining about you for the whole hour of practice, even during class. Obviously Oikawa had a thing for you, an infatuation to say the least, but he didn't acknowledge it. But oh boy, did the volleyball team notice. Examples:
1.) "(F/N)-chan glared at me as she lead class today!" As Oikawa ran side by side with Iwaizumi, who ran ahead of him once your name left his mouth.
2.) "(F/N)-chan fell asleep in literature today, what a bad example!" As he and Kindaichi set up the nets together. In response, Kindaichi drowned out the captain by thinking about what his mother is making for dinner that night.
3.) "(F/N)-chan is so mean to me, she always calls me gross!" As you walked by him alongside the student coun
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 194 8
Friendship [Oikawa Tooru]
"Oikawa, you sure love being in the center of attention," you teased, snickering.
He smiled. "I only do it for my dear fans, y'know."
"Liar, you just like receiving all their cookies and food."
You both laughed in enjoyment, and he soon shot a line right back at you.
That was the complete basis of your relationship, and for the entire summer, the volleyball player would often message you whenever he could; before practice, after practice, early in the morning, right before he went to bed. You were amusing and kept him up all night laughing with your stupid jokes and puns. Teasing was often included in your conversations, but neither of you minded. You both knew the teasing was only out of affection and love for one another.
You told him your deepest insecurities and most personal problems, and in return, he did the same. You cried on his shoulder, and he would gently pat your back and tell you it was going to be okay.
He would punch his wall for losing to Shiratorizawa, that damn Ushij
:iconqueene2:Queene2 193 40
Oikawa x Reader War
Oikawa x Reader War
Warning: Slight swearing~
[A/N: This is for Oikawa’s birthday, which is today!]

Oikawa Tooru desperately wanted to impress his girlfriend, [Name], through a variety of pick-up lines. It was his birthday today, and [Name] gave in, allowing him the entire day to woo her with cheesy lines. But what Oikawa didn’t know was, [Name] would fight back and it would turn into a war.
~Attempt One~
“[Name]-chan~!” Oikawa called, grinning as he approached the [H/C]-haired girl, who was busy reading her book. She frowned slightly when she heard him speak, but decided to ignore him instead.
“[Name]-chan~!” Oikawa called again, bending down to the girl’s eye level, trying to get into her personal space. Oikawa pouted when the [E/C]-eyed female didn’t respond, and thought up of a plan to get her to notice him.
The girl gasped when Oikawa lifted her up into his lap, and wrapped his slender arms around her waist. She turned
:iconbookwormangel33:bookwormangel33 446 26
Sleep with Me! Clingy Pillow Boy [Oikawa Tooru]
Oikawa paced up and down the room. [Name] had still not come back home and it was way past midnight. He huffed annoyed, wishing she’d finally walk through the damned door and jump in the bed to cuddle with him. Not that he’d ever admit that he was all cuddly-cuddly and stuff.
Granted, he pretended to be clingy and cute and all that, but he’d never ever admit that this wasn’t only a front, a façade. He’d prefer to die rather than lose that connection he had with the most important people in his life by being a nuisance.
All the important people in his life were dead serious; like Iwaizumi. Even Tobio-chan was serious. Not to mention [Name]. She’d totally dump him if he got all clingy and stuff with her. After all, she always used to tell him I like that real, serious side of you.
Sometimes however, he wished he could simply let go; he wished he could stop being serious and get all clingy and cute and have her pamper him like a baby.
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 186 32
take it easy. [oikawa tooru]
The rhythmic thumps of volleyballs hitting the ground filled the gymnasium. The lights overhead shone brightly, and the smell of sweat was something you had become accustomed to. 
Faint panting replaced the sharp sounds of skin on ball contact, and you knew Oikawa was overtaxing himself once again. You saw the brunet wipe beads of sweat away from his forehead, his t-shirt sticking to his skin. He hadn't taken notice of you.
You watched as he gathered the stray volleyballs, putting them back into the cart. He stretched his arms and readied himself for another round of serving until the cart went dry. You knew he wouldn't stop unless you interceded.
"Oikawa," you called out, voice loud and clear to make sure he could hear you. "Half an hour has passed since practice ended. You might as well cool down now." He turned his head to look at you, and you knew he was exhausted from the look on his face.
He flashed you a smile - although it didn't reach his eyes - and he waved his hand. "Do
:iconoikawa2ru:oikawa2ru 226 47
Can't remember, Can't forget [Oikawa Tooru]
"I'll come back soon!"
was the last words you ever heard.
But it was going to change, he's coming home. And the both of you will talk for many hours, hold hands, cuddle ,watch TV.
Just like what you always do.
As you wait patiently at the airport, you were being squashed between a million of other girls who's also here to look for him.
'He must have became really popular' you thought to yourself as you smile, realizing how lucky you are to be with him.
Your heart started to jump in excitement when you heard the announcement of the plane finally landing.  You looked around frantically, tip-toeing so that you could see what was in front of you. Suddenly, girls started to scream, hinting to you that the whole team is probably walking out. You winced a little from the ear-piercing scream as some girls cheered.
"Oikawa-senpai!! Over here!!"
You attempted to squeeze past the girls to get a closer view. When you saw him, you felt like you were in love once ag
:iconfanfictionofyou:Fanfictionofyou 181 18
Don't Touch - Oikawa x Reader
Jealous!Oikawa x Reader
Oikawa was getting rather impatient with something. He tried to hide his forming scowl from showing with neutral face, but couldn’t hide his glare. Right now he was being surrounded by his fans telling him about different things but he payed no attention to them because he was too busy keeping an eye of his girlfriend.
You were Aoba Johsai’s manager and the team’s setter, Oikawa Tooru’s girlfriend. Your relationship wasn’t a secret but that didn’t keep his fangirls away from him. For a while, you got used to the fact that your boyfriend was always being bombarded with his fans and just ignored it.
It was now break time and you were completely ignoring your boyfriend throughout practice ever since his loud fans came barging in the gym to watch him play.
What made the brunette’s blood boil was to see that your attention was fixated to his childhood friend. You overly friendly towards him and always goes straight to
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 185 6
Haikyuu!! Food Phone Charms by krisppie Haikyuu!! Food Phone Charms :iconkrisppie:krisppie 137 42 Haikyuu!!: Clear Book Tabs by Haiyun Haikyuu!!: Clear Book Tabs :iconhaiyun:Haiyun 49 3


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